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The first official expansion for Rail Simulator has been created by RSDL, part of the original Rail Simulator development team, and adds the Californian route from the US release of Rail Simulator, the iconic British 08 Shunter, extra rolling stock, scenarios and more!

Cajon Pass

The Cajon Pass route runs over 80 miles of track - drive along the route from San Bernardino in Southern California to Barstow in the north and traverse the authentic climbs and descents, embankments and cuttings. Negotiate this famous route either in Free Roam mode or in the seven challenging scenarios.

  • Highly detailed Union Pacific ES44AC and SD40-2 locomotives
  • Bonus content -black reskins for the ES44AC and SD40-2 locomotives
  • 11 unique rolling stock wagons including 2 all-new hoppers
  • 7 scenarios including 3 new bonus ones!
  • Detailed and accurately placed landmarks and notable buildings
  • Realistic sounds
  • Authentic terrain mapping and track placement
  • AI Train operations.

Class 08 Shunter

This official expansion for Rail Simulator also includes bonus extras that were not included in the US release. UK rail enthusiasts will enjoy highly detailed models of the Class 08 Shunter in 12 period liveries! 'Free Roam’ the existing UK routes in Rail Simulator or take on the challenges of Class 08 shunting in the six included scenarios.

Cajon Pass

The route features 81 miles of driveable track.

Cajon Pass is the name of the route north from San Bernardino to the Victor Valley and Mojave Desert. Built between 1882 and 18885, It has an elevation of 1,277m (4,190ft) and provides one of the important transportation links to the Los Angeles basin. Between San Bernardino and Barstow it passes through more than a dozen settlements that owe their existence to the presence of the pass over the mountains.

With a 2.2% gradient on Track 1 and a gradient of 3% on Track 2, the maximum freight speed is restricted to 55mph on this twisting route through the mountain terrain. Sullivan's Curve is located at Mile Post (MP) 62.5, where the original Santa Fe mainline passed through Mormon Rocks. In San Bernardino the line features a 135-acre Intermodal Facility, consistinng of six loading/unloading tracks, seven storage tracks and 2,500 parking spaces for trailers. Roughly 420,000 containers pass though the site each year.


  • Union Pacific ES44AC
    Constructed by General Electric Transportation Systems Division, this powerful locomotive is powered by a 12-cylinder GEVO engine and over 500 are owned by Union Pacific.
  • Union Pacific SD40-2
    Introduced between 1972 and 1986, and constructed by the General Motors Electro-Motive Division, the SD40-2 is pwered by a 3,000 horsepower engine. Union Pacific has at times operated more than 1,100 examples of this locomotive.

Rolling stock

  • TTGX Bi-Level Autorack Car
  • Covered hopper 2 bay – bonus content!
  • Cement hopper 3 chute – bonus content!
  • Double door box car
  • ATSF caboose car
  • Coal gondola
  • Coil gondola
  • Covered hopper wagon
  • DTTX 53ft well car
  • Refrigerator car
  • 16,000 gallon tank car

Seven Scenarios

The Barstow heat wave – Bonus content!
In the sweltering August heat, operations in Barstow Yard are typically busy.  To avoid a backlog, couple to some cement hoppers destined for San Bernardino and start your journey down the Cajon Pass.

An Inspector calls – Bonus content!
The area around East Victorville is having a track inspection so the sidings need to be cleared for a few hours. Couple up the remaining wagons and relocate them a short distance down the line.

Grande Assembly – Bonus content!
On the factory sidings at Oro Grande three sets of wagons need to go to San Bernardino. Prepare for your journey by assembling the train and bringing it to a stop next to the main line.

Cajon Pass
Control the full power of no less than four SD40-2 locomotives as you haul a mixed freight consignment over the famous Cajon Pass route. Take in the sights of this scenic journey and observe the busy Cajon traffic.

Arriving East
The scorching Mojave Desert is a familiar sight to trains passing over the Cajon Pass. Take an assorted consignment from Barstow to get familiar with the surroundings of the route.

Slow climb South
Getting to grips with the route, this time you’re in charge of a more vital task – hauling one of the many shipments of cement out of the desert for use in the city. This is a heavy load, so maintaining speed and using your brakes on the downhill sections will be important.

The Splitter
This scenario tests your skills in one of the more unusual movements - trains swapping power mid-journey. First, a container shipment needs hauling over Cajon Pass. Later, a cement train needs your attention on its way north.

Class 08 Shunter


  • Class 08 Shunter including drivers wearing different period clothing
  • Twelve authentic liveries
  • Six scenarios based on three of the default UK routes
  • Authentic modelling
  • Realistic operation and animations


  • British Rail black
  • British Rail green
  • British Rail blue
  • British Rail blue (Thornaby depot)
  • First Great Western
  • Triple Grey
  • Rail Express Systems
  • RailFreight grey and yellow
  • Parcel
  • InterCity Swallow
  • Network South-East
  • Provincial


York - Newcastle route - 2 scenarios
Oxford –Paddington route - 2 scenarios.
Bath - Templecombe route - 2 scenarios

Acton Action
Assemble a train of empty HAA wagons ready for loading with coal and haul them out to the West Country.

All Messed Up
Great Western has scheduled an unveiling of their new colour scheme, but some joker has scattered the coaches all over the depot. Assemble them in the correct order as fast as you can to be ready for a 9.00am departure for Paddington.

The staff at Gateshead Depot have you hauling a rake of coaches into Newcastle Station, but the rake must be created first!

Snow Trouble
It’s a cold and frosty morning at Darlington. Rescue a failed freight train before going about your shunting duties.

Some Assembly Required
Assorted wagons are located around Templecombe Lower Yard and need to be assembled for transportation up the line. Use a Class 08 on loan to the region to shunt the freight for an incoming Black 5 to haul over the Mendips.

System Requirements:

  • 1.7 GHz+ PC
  • 512Mb RAM (1Gb for Vista)
  • 128Mb 3D graphics card
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • Direct X 9.0C compatible sound card
  • 2Gb hard drive space
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This expansion for Rail Simulator provides the 81-mile Cajon Pass route in California from the US edition of Rail Simulator and also the iconic British Class 08 Shunter.

The realistic Class 08 Shunter comes in 12 authentic liveries with six scenarios based on three of the default UK routes. The accurately modelled and challenging Cajon Pass route features two Union Pacific locomotives, 11 wagons, seven scenarios and AI train operations.

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