Portsmouth Direct 'British Rail Comeback' Scenario Pack

Compatibility: Train Simulator 2016

Have you got the Portsmouth Direct Line route? Driven all the scenarios? Want some more?

Who'd have thought that British Rail would make a comeback? Well, us neither! But a recent petition proved that people love to see British Rail back and so that's exactly what the Government has done. British Rail has made a comeback and to celebrate it's laying on a one week tour of the Portsmouth Direct Line route.

The British Rail Comeback Scenario Pack, developed by Cross City Trains, brings you nine custom scenarios on the Portsmouth Direct Line, plus a FREE bonus scenario, enabling you to explore the route from end to end and enjoy some engaging and challenging scenarios, all including clear instructions of the tasks to be completed.

All the scenarios require the Portsmouth Direct Line route and the 455/9 EMU (both available from Steam) to be installed in Train Simulator.

British Rail Comeback Part 1

Today you won’t have too much to do as you are only moving the service to Woking ready for its starting tour into London. This is a five-day tour and as there are only two 455 units in British Rail livery, the majority is still South West Trains. (I heard a rumour that there are supposed to be some 450s coming back in BR livery, but for now I’m calling that a rumour and a rumour only!)

British Rail Comeback Part 2

The route is relatively busy around Woking & Guildford. Due to a lot of trains being out of service to be repainted, there is a limited service between Portsmouth and Guildford. The tour has so far completed London and the surrounding areas. Today you have the longest drive as you will be taking the train down to Portsmouth where the passengers can explore the sights. Every day brings a new task and situation so beware. Oh - and watch your signals!

British Rail Comeback Part 3

Tonight you're taking the train into Fratton sheds for some routine checks. Be back at the depot for 0924 tomorrow morning!

British Rail Comeback Part 4

Today you will be taking the tour on the relatively short journeyup to Havant. First you must take your train to Portsmouth Harbour station so that the passengers can get back on, then you must drive up to Havant. A bus will collect them from Havant and take them to an area currently inaccessible by train.

British Rail Comeback Part 5

Today you'll be taking the tour up to Petersfield. It’s a late start this morning due to an incident at the hotel. Your train has just been delivered by another driver so you don’t have to go back down to Fratton to get to it. Hopefully we'll have a nice relaxing journey today, as there is work being done on certain parts of the line.

British Rail Comeback Part 6

Today you are taking the train up to Haslemere, where the tour stops for today. You should have a pleasant journey, but the weather is poor and it's extremely foggy so beware of what lies ahead.

British Rail Comeback Part 7

Tonight you must take the train up to Guildford where the tour ends. You, the on-board staff and all the passengers are going out for a meal together and will then be taken to the hotel. There won’t be any driving to do tomorrow as they will be spending the whole day in Guildford. Good luck!

British Rail Comeback Part 8

Today you'll be taking the train back down to Godalming as a passenger has just reminded you that we were supposed to be spending a day there and we didn’t!

British Rail Comeback Part 9

Tonight you are taking the train back up to Woking where the tour comes to an end. Then you need to take the train back down to Guildford ready for the morning rush hour tomorrow.

450 trouble (Bonus Scenario)

You are to drive a Class 455 to Portsmouth Harbour. This is a very rare event and is only occurring now as you, the driver, wanted to keep the 455 you had been operating. First you must pick up the passengers who have just left the broken down 450 service and then head onto Guildford. This train will also have some strange stops as it also covers some stations which were taken from the original 455 service. After you get to Portsmouth Harbour, you will be taking the train into Fratton siding 8, where the train will be cleaned and maintained until either rush hour tonight or the next day, when there will be a stock movement. Along the way, you may see a few reds - this is due to you being classed as a 'Stopping Service' as you cannot reach maximum line speeds. Enjoy this special - and you might see a Railtour on its way to London.

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator 2016
  • Portsmouth Direct line route
  • Class 455/9 EMU
  • 3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
  • 512Mb RAM (1Gb for Vista)
  • 256Mb graphics card
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
  • 5MB hard drive space

All scenarios require the Portsmouth Direct Line route and the 455/9 EMU (both available from Steam) to be installed in Train Simulator.

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This low-priced Scenario Pack provides nine custom scenarios for the Portsmouth Direct Line route, giving drivers a taste of what life would be like it British Rail was to make a comeback!

To use the scenarios you'll need the Portsmouth Direct Line add-on and also the 455/9 EMU locomotive - you can download them both from Steam.

Download size: 5MB (learn about downloads)

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