New York Subway Simulator - World of Subways Vol. 1 (Download)

The 50Km New York Path Route, connects the states of New Jersey and New York. Now you can drive the subway line running from New York beneath the Hudson river to Newark. The route is almost equally split between underground and above ground sections.

This simulation features superb physics which will let you feel your train swinging and speed-related vibrations in the cab which depend on speed and braking factors, impressive graphics and lighting effects (see and hear break sparks in the tunnels!) and a high fidelity sound set. 

You can change cab ends at a terminus and walk freely around stations and passenger cars, rotate your view around the cab and use the scoring system to add to the fun. Wear and tear on your train from your driving style is simulated and you'll need to be prepared for unexpected incidents during your driving shifts!


  • Animated display monitors at stations
  • Animated passengers at stations
  • Realistic shift service to schedule
  • Incident options which can happen during shift service
  • Intelligent custom announcements
  • Passenger volume dependent on time of day
  • Simulation of wear and tear caused by style of operation (can be selected via Options)
  • Extensive scoring system, adding to the excitement and fun.
  • Custom setting of destination display during operations
  • Opening doors to be seen from either inside or outside (controlled by the player)
  • Doors can be opened separately. Options are the doors on the right and left side of the train. Of course you can also open both sides at the same time
  • Break Spark - Spaces in between the live rails can produce break sparks on the current collectors which can be seen as lightning flashes and which can also be heard. This is best seen in a tunnel, when the walls will be lit for a split second
  • Train vibration - as soon as the train starts moving, vibrations will be felt
  • Train swings - The train will start swinging as speeds rise, especially in the cab. Hard braking will also produce this effect and the train will still be in a swinging motion when it has come to a full stop
  • Configurable key commands - The player can freely configure keys to his liking
  • 3D cab with rotatable camera - take a look around you and then use a key stroke to centre the view angle again
  • Free movement inside the train - While the train is stopped at a station you can switch to an first person perspective inside the passenger car. You can move by using keyboard commands, and view angles can be controlled with the mouse
  • Free movement on the station - you can get off the train at any station and move around. There will also be some missions starting on the platform of a station. The player will have to walk onto the train and into the cab which is separated from the passenger area by a door
  • Changing of cabs at a terminus - Sometimes you will have to change cabs during a mission, for example at Hoboken at the weekends when shift operation is active. The train driver has to leave the cab and then walk along the platform to the other end. He then gets into the other cab to prepare for departure
  • Realistic lighting on the trains - Pixel lighting allows a correct display of the amount of light - the effect will amaze you when driving at night or through a tunnel!
  • Switchable Motion Blur evokes a fascinating feel for speed.


The physics have been developed considering the real-world physics and those used on training simulators. Physics include vibration of parts in the 3D cockpit and the movement of the carriage in relation to its speed and brake power. Another plus in terms of realism is the turning angle inside the cab.


The simulator uses real-time lighting in the tunnel systems by using the numerous lights available. Riding through a tunnel you will see how the lights will take effect on the cockpit. If the cockpit is at a tunnel light it will be directly lit. A few seconds later the cockpit is dark again.

Various Shader models mean you can see details as small as the gravel in 3D and a Specular Map shows the realistic shining effect of the gravel.


Subway Simulator includes a high definition 3D sound set. During development the recording microphones were placed at the same distance from the sounds as the human ear would normally be - this ensures a very realistic sound atmosphere, especially when using earphones.

System Requirements:

  • 2.6GHz (minimum) or any Dual Core 
  • 2.0GB RAM
  • 256MB graphics card
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP (SP3) / Vista
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • 2.5GB hard drive space
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Drive 50km of the New York subway in this amazingly realistic simulation. Custom physics let you feel the movement inside the 3D cab and the lighting effects and high fidelity sounds add to the realism.

You can walk around the stations and passenger cars and your driving style will affect the wear and tear on your train. Other features include animated passengers, custom announcements and working display monitors at stations.

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