Class 67 Advanced & Car Carriers (Download)

Compatibility: Train Simulator 2016

The Class 67 locomotive, with its distinctive sounds and raked back cab ends, is a common sight on parts of the UK rail network, carry heavy loads and providing express passenger services. The locomotive is capable of running at 140MPH but is limited to 125MPH.

This Class 67 Advanced package is the first locomotive in our Advanced range that provides many realistic and accurate operations which can be found only in Just Trains add-ons. Thanks to ActivScript technology, the Advanced range provides immersive features available such as advanced operating controls, realistic systems and authentic sounds.

The unique IPA Car Carriers are also included, with the option to haul them unloaded or loaded with new cars.

The Class 67 Advanced & Car Carriers package comes complete with custom scenarios to use on the default Train Simulator routes as well as one for owners of the Bristol to Exeter route. These scenarios are designed to help you make the most of the enhanced driving experience brought to you by the new Advanced features in this expansion.

Just Trains' ActivScript technology brings many realistic features and operations to the Class 67 Advanced locomotive:
  • Engine Start/Stop - start and stop the engine with the individual buttons
  • Master key - insert the master key into the console and hear the AWS test sound
  • NRN Radio- press the blue call button on the NRN (National Rail Network) radio to run the test call sequence
  • DSD (Driver's Safety Device) - move the reverser for the first time and hear the DSD  self-test sound. The DSD will subsequently sound if you move to forward or reverse after stopping in neutral. Hear the DSD warning as you drive if you have not altered the controls for a set period of time.
  • Windows - lower and raise both the driver's cab windows
  • Sun blind - lower and raise the driver's sun blind (it actually restricts the sun) 
  • DRA (Driver's Reminder Appliance) -if you have stopped at a station, engage the DRA  to ensure that you cannot drive away while it is engaged.
  • The density of the engine exhaust varies depending on engine load
  • Light grey oil smoke is emitted from the exhaust on engine start
  • Horn - use the two-tone horn via the Spacebar and B keys
  • Authentic digital speedometer including working Delta display to see acceleration and deceleration speeds 
  • Working Speed Control, used for automatic low speed operations
  • Working train length alarm feature - know when the rear of the train has passed a certain point
  • Automatic sanding. At speeds above 8mph, sand will automatically be applied when wheel slip is detected
  • Visual dispensing of wheel sand
  • Working headlamps
  • Switchable externally audible alarms. Never miss an AWS caution or DSD reminder when driving from the external view; these sounds can be heard from outside the cab, and this feature can be disabled from the cab 
  • Sounds - high quality sounds recorded from a real Class 67. There are separate sound sets for the driver's cab and the exterior view - you can hear the difference
  • Variable speed windscreen wipers controllable by the driver 
  • Cab and gauge lighting - three settings (gauge lighting, desk lights and main cab light)
  • Brake power cut. If the brake pipe pressure falls below 3.5 bar the loco will not take power until the pipe pressure rises above 4.3 bar again.
  • Auto-centring Brake Controller. When driving with the keyboard, the auto air brake controller is spring loaded to return to its central position. This allows very fine control of brake application and release.
  • Railhead Treatment Train (RHTT) spraying operation - when driving with the Just Trains RHTT wagons (available separately), the water spray can be controlled with the M key.


  • FWS Maroon
  • FWS Maroon (dirty)
  • FWS Silver Executive
  • Canada Red
  • Royal Claret
  • Wrexham, Shropshire & Marylebone Railway Silver

IPA car carriers

  • Authentic and highly detailed models, researched from real wagons
  • Quad model
  • Custom sound set
  • Three types of car modelled
  • Can be used loaded or unloaded
  • Authentic livery and markings
  • ActivWagon/ActivScript flashing tail lamp
  • Internationally registered for use in the UK and mainland Europe



London to Brighton route - Early Morning Rail Tour
Drive a Class 67 on a rail tour from London Victoria down to Redhill on a bright morning in the summer of 2012.

London to Brighton route - Guildford Bound
Drive a Class 67 on a special working of cars from Dagenham to Guildford on a bright Sunday evening.  You will be in charge as far as Redhill.

Oxford to Paddington route - Executive Cars
Today you are sat at Acton Main Line awaiting your booked crew change to work the 6X48 Dagenham-Didcot car train. You are here a little early, having arrived from Didcot a few minutes ago. Your train isn't due in for a few minutes but a quick check of 'Genius' shows that it is currently running two minutes early. There is, however, the possibility that it will be held at the junction so it may not arrive early. The loco hauling the train today is Executive Class 67 67029 'Royal Diamond' as DBS are having a terrible Class 66 shortage. When the train arrives, click on it to take control before hauling it to Didcot.

Oxford to Paddington route - Thunderbirds are go!
You are on standby duty today at Didcot and we have just received word of a failure at Hinksey South. A Class 47 has managed to drop apart on a southbound Freightliner service to Southampton! You need to prepare the Royal Class 67 and get out there and haul the train on to Tilehurst where another driver will take over so you can get back. Please follow the on-screen directions to get your loco ready to go.

Oxford to Paddington route - City Flyer
After the success of some express passenger services hauled by Class 67s, an entrepreneur has spotted a gap in the market for an express service between Oxford and London Paddington, calling at Hayes & Harlington for the link to Heathrow Airport.

Bristol to Exeter Route (route available separately) - Trial Delivery
Today you are in control of a brand new Class 67 with a trial load of cars which were delivered to Plymouth docks yesterday and are destined for Glasgow. They are travelling via Reading  so we are only in control as far as Taunton where a Didcot man will take over. First we need to prepare the loco for service. The train was hauled here by a more powerful Class 66 but that has now been removed to be replaced by Alstom’s masterpiece, the Class 67.

Oxford to Paddington route - Free Roam
Explore the route and find the Class 67s dotted around. As these is a Free Roam scenario you must remember to ensure the route has been set correctly to avoid being directed in to sidings or derailed on junctions set against the train.

"Worth every penny and a fantastic addition to an already great simulator!"

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator 2016
  • 3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
  • 512MB RAM (1.0GB for Vista)
  • 256MB video card
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
  • 650MB hard drive space
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Packshot for Class 67 Advanced & Car Carriers (Download)
The Class 67 is the first locomotive in Just Trains’ Advanced range. It comes in six liveries with an outstanding array of immersive features such as advanced operating controls, realistic systems and authentic sounds.

The detailed IPA Car Carriers are complete with custom sounds and can be hauled unloaded or loaded with three different models of car. Several scenarios for two of the default routes are included.

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