Class 20 Collection (Boxed)

Compatibility: RailWorks 3, Rail Simulator

Over 200 of the Class 20 diesel-electric locomotive, also known as the English Electric Type 1, were built between 1957 and 1968, and the design was so successful that it's still in service to this day.

The Class 20 Collection for RailWorks and Rail Simulator features several versions of the Class 20 locomotive ranging from the 1950s to the present, with each locomotive having a daytime cab and another for use at night with authentic night lighting. 

Also included are the FEA-F RHTT (Rail Head Treatment Train) used to blast leaf mulch off the rails and the FNA Nuclear Flask carrier designed to transport spent nuclear fuel.

10 different liveries and 12 scenarios are included.

EXCLUSIVE: ActivTrain and ActivWagon - this smart coding technology (RailWorks only) allows the Class 20 engine to control the water spraying and sounds effects of the RHTT is also employed by the FNA and RHTT to provide an authentic red flashing tail lamp and let the engine headcode numbers and letters be changed.

FNA - The FNA is the UK's nuclear flask carrier and normally runs as a single or twin rake. The exterior of the wagon does not change when the wagon is loaded or unloaded as the fuel flask is securely stored inside the rectangular box in the middle of the wagon. The only giveaway as to whether a load is being carried is the presence of hazard warning diamonds on the side of the wagon. When used in RailWorks it is possible to have the FNA loaded or unloaded and the hazard diamonds shown/ when appropriate.

FEA-F RHTT (Rail Head Treatment Train) - The Rail Head Treatment Train is a specialist rake of FEA-F wagons with various modules made up of a generator pack, water tanks and a Sandite dispenser. These wagons are used during the leaf fall season in the UK to spray very high pressure water jets onto the rails to clear the fallen leaf mulch, which is very slippery and the cause of dangerous grip and braking issues. Included are highly detailed sets of the RHTT in different configurations and states of weathering from shiny and new to very dirty! They are all configured to take advantage of the ActivWagon smart coded flashing red tail lamp.


High quality 3D modelling throughout.

  • Animated windscreen wipers front and rear
  • Springs/suspension
  • Electrical and hose connections
  • Couplings
  • Appropriate period light
  • Headcode boxes
  • Disc headcodes
  • 3D access cover handles
  • Rotating roof ventilation fan
  • Exhaust smoke effects
  • Authentic and highly detailed cab
  • Forward and reverse driving positions
  • Custom physics 


Class 20 engines are known as 'Choppers' due to the distinctive engine beat, and the authentic sounds in this package, recorded from a current Class 20, will give you the true Class 20 sound experience!


When driven in RailWorks the Class 20 Collection features our exclusive smart coding to allow the Class 20 engine to control the water spraying effect of the RHTT. Simply press the 'B' key to turn the spraying and sound effects on/off.


To ensure that you get the real deal whenever you are driving, we have included two versions of each livery, one with a daytime cab and the other with subtle lighting for authentic night driving.


  • British Rail - Blue
  • British Rail - Green
  • British Rail - Headcode box
  • British Rail - Weathered
  • DRS (Direct Rail Services)
  • DRS - Refurbished
  • DRS - Refurbished weathered
  • Hunslet Barclay
  • Lafarge cement
  • Railfreight


Both versions are supplied in clean, lightly weathered and heavily weathered versions.

  • Loaded (shows hazard diamonds)
  • Unloaded (no hazard diamonds)

ActivWagon smart coding adds a flashing red tail lamp when used in RailWorks.


All supplied in clean, lightly weathered and heavily weathered versions.

  • Water - Water - Water
  • Water - Water - Sandite
  • Water - Generator - Water
  • Water - Generator - Sandite

ActivWagon smart coding adds a flashing red tail lamp when used in RailWorks.

Night lighting effect from Generator fluorescent tubes.


Newcastle to York (1970s) route

  • Bound For Longannet - Wagon duty around Newcastle before heading for Scotland.
  • Bound For Longannet 2 - Build a train of new coal wagons for the Longannet colliery in Fife and head for Newcastle.
  • Tees-Tyne Spa Express - Pull the York - Newcastle leg of the 1980s special linking the two cities and Scarborough.
  • A Flask or three - Take three FNA nuclear flask wagons from Tyne Yard to Ferryhill with a diverted Carlisle to Seaton service which serves Hartlepool nuclear power station.
  • Let's do the time warp - The Newcastle to York route has been caught in a time warp and a modern day RHTT set has appeared in the 1970s! You must take this rare sight from Darlington to Durham with two class 20s in top and tail formation.

Oxford to Paddington Route

  • Southern Tour - Head a double-header Class 20 special on its return from a tour south of the Thames.
  • Morning Spray - It's the end of October and the leaves are starting to fall. You must take an already very grubby RHTT set from Didcot to Oxford and back. 
  • Wagon repair - Take four FNA nuclear flask wagons from Acton to Reading for late night repairs.

Somerset and Dorset route

  • Class 20 on the S&D - In the dying days of the North Somerset coal field even the coal wagons are out of date. You are bringing in some of the modern HAA hoppers, returning to Bath with the redundant wagons, collected in Radstock yard.

Headborough North (RailWorks ONLY)

  • Flask Trips V1.0 - The daily freight train has arrived at Headborough Yard and has dropped off two FNA wagons. You must trip these wagon from the yard and also pick up two others for onward transportation to Sellafield.

Newcastle to York -Modern (Route not supplied - available from Just Trains)

  • Diverted flasks - Due to cable theft on the Durham Coast route at Seaham, the Seaton-on-Tees to Sellafield nuclear flask train has been diverted via Ferryhill and the East Coast Mainline. You must drive 20310 + 20306 on this service from Ferryhill to Tyne Yard. 
  • First day of the season - It's the first day of the cannon season and you must take out a spotlessly clean RHTT set out to Darlington from York with two top-and-tailed DRD Class 20s.

"Overall I rate this pack highly, everything that's included is completed to a very high standard... I was very impressed with the quality of the texturing in the liveries... The sounds on this loco are absolutely spot on... The cab looks lovely... The loco itself is very good and very nicely presented in a number of variations... Absolutely superb (RHTT)... When a train is billed as "weathered" it's absolutely caked up and really looks like a heavily abused loco, very nice, and brings a touch of realism to all those shiney locos we normally see in the simulators"

"A unique set of rail content... The Class 20 Engine that comes in this package has been beautifully rendered... An incredibly versatile package... All of the sounds are 100% accurate and have been recorded from actual Class 20 engines... As usual Just Trains does not disappoint with their level of quality... I strongly recommend it to anyone who uses Rail Simulator or Rail Works"

System Requirements:

  • RailWorks or Rail Simulator
  • 1.7GHz PC or any Dual Core
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • 512Mb RAM (1Gb for Vista)
  • 128Mb 3D graphics card with Pixel Shader 2.0 (AGP/PCE only)
  • Sound card DirectX 9.0C compatible sound card
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • 312Mb hard drive space
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This add-on brings you the enduring Class 20 diesel-electric locomotive in ten liveries, with authentic sounds recorded from a real 'Chopper', detailed modelling throughout, custom physics and impressive night lighting effects in the cab.

Also included are four versions of the FEA-F Rail Head Treatment Train with spraying and sound effects, two FNA Nuclear Flask Carrier models and 12 scenarios.
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