Class 153 DMU Advanced

Compatibility: Train Simulator 2016

The Class 153 DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) is a common sight around the UK, picking up and delivering many thousands of passengers every day of the year. Being a self-contained unit with an under-slung diesel engine it has no need for a separate locomotive and is therefore economical in operation.

Featuring unique and exclusive Just Trains developed ActivScript features such as operating destination blinds and operational DRA (Drivers Reminder Appliance) this high quality rendition of the Class 153 DMU is the one to drive!

First introduced in 1991, these distinctive units have a driver's cab at each end to allow the driver to change ends and drive in the opposite direction without the need to turn the unit around. The 153 DMU features gangway door connections that allow persons to walk between the units whilst they are moving when two units are coupled together.

This Class 153 DMU Advanced add-on is the second release in our Advanced range that provides many realistic and accurate operations exclusive to Just Trains. Thanks to ActivScript technology, the Advanced range provides immersive features such as advanced operating controls, realistic systems and authentic sounds.


  • Quick Drive enabled
  • Tunnel, bridge and building occlusions
  • Engine Start/Stop - Start and stop the engine with the individual buttons
  • Master key - Insert and remove the master key from the console
  • AWS self-test - Move the reverser the first time and hear the AWS self-test warning.
  • DSD (Driver's Safety Device) - Move the reverser for the first time and hear the DSD self-test sound. The DSD will subsequently sound if you move to forward or reverse after stopping in neutral. Hear the DSD warning as you drive if you have not altered the controls for a set period of time (Train Simulator 2012 only)
  • Working DRA (Driver's Reminder Appliance) - Use the DRA to prevent the throttle from being applied at a station stop
  • Switchable externally audible alarms - Never miss an AWS caution or DSD reminder when driving from the external view; these sounds can be heard from outside the cab, and this feature can be disabled from the cab
  • NRN Radio - Press the blue call button on the NRN (National Rail Network) radio to run the test call sequence
  • Authentic Westcode stepped brake operation using ActivScript functionality
  • Automatic transmission change at 47 MPH
  • Acceleration and braking physics based on real timings
  • Highly detailed driver's cab
  • Detailed passenger cabin view
  • Sun blind - Lower and raise the driver's sun blind (it actually restricts the sun)
  • Opening driver's cab-side windows
  • Operating destination blinds – State your destination via the rolling blinds
  • Cab sway movement. See the movement as you start, stop, corner, accelerate and decelerate
  • Variable speed windscreen wipers controllable by the driver
  • Windscreen Wipers clear rain from drivers front windows
  • Independent driver's and driver's assistant windscreen wiper operationCab and gauge lighting – independently controlled main cab lighting and gauge illumination
  • Working headlights illuminate the track ahead
  • Standard cluster and modern LED head and tail lights depicted
  • Dynamic exhaust effects
  • Animated passenger doors complete with external door interlock light and opening/closing sounds and warning beeper
  • Sounds - High quality sounds recorded from real Class 153s. There are separate sound sets for the driver's cab and the exterior view - you can hear the difference
  • Brake rumble sounds on brake application
  • Brake squeal sounds
  • Track joint sounds
  • Horn - Use the two-tone horn via the Spacebar and B keys.
  • Guard to Driver buzzer sounds after doors close
  • Driver to Guard buzzer operable
  • Drive the single-car Class 153 DMU Advanced on a number of challenging scenarios across both default and add-on routes


  • Anglia
  • Arriva Trains Wales
  • Central Trains
  • East Midlands Trains
  • First Great Western
  • London Midland
  • Northern Rail
  • National Express East Anglia
  • Regional Railways


Oxford to Paddington

JT 153 - Unit Shortage (Part 1)
Due to a shortage of class 165/166s, First Great Western has temporarily brought two class 153s from the Southwest to London to cover. You must drive this pair from Slough to Paddington and then to Old Oak Common to stable until the evening rush hour.
Year: 2010

JT 153 - Unit Shortage (Part 2)
Drive the pair of First Great Western class 153s from Old Oak Common to Paddington where you will then head for Reading at the beginning of the rush hour.
Year: 2010

Newcastle to York Modern (Download or Boxed route available separately)

JT 153 - East Coast Commute
Drive a Northern Rail Class 153 from Darlington to Newcastle on a morning commuter run up the East Coast Mainline.
Year: 2010

Bristol to Exeter (Download or Boxed route available separately)

JT 153 - Sub-zero
On a freezing December day you must take a First Great Western 153 from Bristol Temple Meads to Weston-super-Mare starting at Barton Hill depot.
Year: 2010.

JT 153 - South-west Skateboard
Drive a Regional Railways Class 153 from Taunton to Bristol Temple Meads.
Year: 1995.

Totham (Download route available separately)

JT 153 - Totham Stopper
Drive an East Midlands Trains 153 from Shollet to Merryhill Parkway.
Year: 2010.

JT 153 - Portsbridge Circular
Drive a Class 153 DMU on a circular service, starting from Portsbridge Central and returning to Portsbridge Central one hour later.
Year: 2007.

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator 2016
  • 3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
  • 512Mb RAM (1Gb for Vista)
  • 256Mb video card
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
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Packshot for Class 153 DMU Advanced
The Class 153 DMU has undergone a significant upgrade to the latest Advanced specifications. Thanks to Just Trains’ ActivScript technology these locomotives now boast numerous great new features such as operating destination blinds, functional Driver's Reminder Appliance and NRN radio with test call.

Nine detailed Class 153 liveries are included, and advanced operating controls, realistic systems and authentic sounds add to the immersive driving experience.

Download size: 115MB (learn about downloads)

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